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You wouldn’t believe (or maybe you might) how distorted our brains are to the amount of calories we eat. We tend to put stuff in our mouths when we’re hungry, when we’re not hungry, when we’re happy or sad, during a party, holiday or hell, even after a funeral we eat. It’s like our mission. We eat. The thing about all that eating is that calories pile up and the next thing you know, you’re sitting here reading a blog about some fat chick’s journey back into hotness because you were cruising the net looking for the latest, greatest weightloss product. I’ve tried a few.

Hanging in my closet is that thing that you wrap around your waist that makes you sweat the pounds off. It makes you sweat but I assure you, it did nothing towards my weight loss.  I also have the shakeweight. That’s kind of ok actually. I don’t use it anymore, but the concept is right on I think. The other day after my daughters birthday party, we were playing with those heavy duty balloons that have the rubber band on the end that you hold on to punch the balloon. Know what I mean? Those provided a few days of serious arm burning fun and it cost a buck at the dollar tree.

So anyways, problematic eating. The first thing you should do is open an account at sparkpeople or myfitnesspal or whatever other kinds there are out there on the web that allows you to input your daily food consumption and keep track of the calories. I’m a spark people person. You first set up the account by filling in all of the information needed to get your daily caloric needs figured out. Height, weight, how much weight you want to lose and by when, are you planning on exercising, etc… With spark people you have a choice to either to follow their prescribed food plan or clear it all out and just keep track of your own food. I’ve always opted for the latter. So, you just put in everything you eat and by the end of the day you’ll be stunned and amazed when you completely blow out of your consumption range. LoL

For the amount of time I’ve given myself to lose weight, my allotment of calories is between 1200 and 1540 calories per day.  It’s a little bit of work at first, but you can save the food you find to your “favorites” so the next time you have to plug it in, you won’t have to search for it. Let me know if you thought you were within range or not.