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Planet Fitness experience

Well… as I have mentioned before; I need a mission to keep me motivated. I’ve been without one since the 7 mile mission. My routine has been shot to shit and I’ve been about as motivated as my favorite animal – the sloth. As they say; the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I do acknowledge my need for a mission, or perhaps the accountability to someone – even unknowing followers on facebook.

I think I might have found that in a Planet Fitness trainer. I toured the place last week and signed up for the $20/month plan. I figured, if anyone wanted to come with me from work or wherever, they could. I met with the trainer the other day and we went over my goals and stuff.  Today I went for ‘how to use the machines’ class. I’m sure I could have figured them out but it was nice to tour all the ones I’m going to use and get familiar with them with other people as lost as me.

So… this is my mission on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays

Bench (Chest) Press, Machine
Seated Row, Floor, Machine
Overhead Press, Machine, Seated
Standing Bar Curl, Machine
Triceps Extension
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curls
Standing Calf Raises
Abdominal Crunches
Back Extension

We get a sheet of paper that we keep track of our activities,  sets, reps and weight used. I’ll be doing three sets of ten for two weeks. I will meet with the guy (Patrick) in 2 weeks and he expects all of the columns in my sheet to be filled out. They will be. He’ll then add more weight to my routine and I’ll report to him when that sheet is filled.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is cardio and Sunday is off.

I’m thrilled to have a mission again. We’ll see how it goes! Week two will be a challenge because I’m driving to and from Virginia on my workout days so I’ll have to find the PFit in Salem VA and go in the wee hours before the 12 hour drive home. LoL

*shrug* We’ll see!


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