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Calories Burned During Exercise Lookup

I think this is the best list of ‘calories burned during activity’ list on the internet.

The gym, sweat, hyperactivity, hunger, and soreness.

So, I really like Planet Fitness so much better than my other gym. The equipment is new and in abundance and its far less creepy. The other gym was to me, a little sketchy. I loved the indoor track but even that got old. Its the kind of place that I would never have used [...]

Hurley girly! LoL

Day one at Pfit. LoL Good Lord. 20 minute warm up on the treadmill per order of Patrick, the fitness guru, and then right into leg presses.

You know during the very first episodes of every biggest loser season where just about everyone hurls? Well I didn’t. LoL But ONE MORE MOVEMENT and I would [...]

Planet Fitness experience

Well… as I have mentioned before; I need a mission to keep me motivated. I’ve been without one since the 7 mile mission. My routine has been shot to shit and I’ve been about as motivated as my favorite animal – the sloth. As they say; the first step to recovery is admitting you have [...]

6.65 miles

I would love to spend more time on this post but I blew the whole morning walking a zillion miles. I set forth a walking challenge for myself and completed it today. I walked the entire Hampton beach “loop.” Starting at my house, to High street, all the way back down to the end of [...]


I think I’ve figured out what motivates me…or should I say, KEEPS me motivated. I’ve not yet figured out what sets the switch off that makes me (or anyone) suddenly get all hot for fitness and then completely lose interest but I have figured out what keeps me going once that switch has been flipped. [...]

Music of the week

I hope it’s not raining again tomorrow. I’m going out either way but it’d be nice if it was not precipitating. Anyhow, this will be the music that will set my pace. I don’t know what I would do without my totally bumping playlist.

Click here to listen !!

Have I mentioned lately that I [...]

What a pain in the ass.

Literally. My ass is killing me. I’m up to an hour on the stationary bike. I’ve read that this will pass. I hope so cuz I like it. It burns a shit load of calories. Thoughts on ass pain? Anyone have experience with such matters? Tailbone relief remedies?

New year…new mission.

So, its been a while since I’ve posted anything meaningful. I’ve been chugging my way through the holidays. I haven’t walked in 2 weeks. Last year I was out there every day…this year its different. There is snow. There wasn’t any last year. Also, I walk much faster, farther and longer than last year so [...]

Dance walking

Today was a very short walk. I always walk the exact same route; I know, I know… the safety people are cringing but I do it so often that I can just tell if I’ve walked faster by the amount of gasping for air I’m doing at particular locations. I know exactly where mile one, [...]