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Hurley girly! LoL

Day one at Pfit. LoL Good Lord. 20 minute warm up on the treadmill per order of Patrick, the fitness guru, and then right into leg presses.

You know during the very first episodes of every biggest loser season where just about everyone hurls? Well I didn’t. LoL But ONE MORE MOVEMENT and I would have lost lunch. After an hour and a half, I couldn’t even finish the last 10 reps of shoulder presses… I stopped at 6 as my right shoulder turned into something that felt like… well…mud.

I felt my stomach gurgling. I am familiar with that feeling from way back when, when I used to be in semi-shape and exercised like a crazy woman for hours every day. I’d often end up dry heaving in the kitchen sink. That was 20 years ago. I packed up my shit and left before hurling in front of the good patrons of Planet Fitness.

I was nauseous all the way home and when I got home I felt nothing but hunger. I could have eaten the soles of my shoes. The guru said that within 30 minutes of strength training, one should eat some protein. I’m certain he didn’t mean an entire rib eye steak. Well, too bad. I fired up the grill, tossed on a steak and ate the whole friggin thing. I’m still within my calorie range but friggin’ A, I was stahvin’!!

Tomorrow morning I’ll walk and hit the gym again on Friday. I’m on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday cycle for strength training, the rest of the days is cardio.

I hope I can make it through the whole routine on Friday! I kinda wish I had a gym buddy. LoL (mostly, to hold the puke bucket) haha!


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  • Meghan is coming over Monday to set Brent and i up on our exercise program. She is doing the whole calibers to measure fat…ugh!! You are doing a great job!! reading the blog…great motivation!!!

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