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The gym, sweat, hyperactivity, hunger, and soreness.

So, I really like Planet Fitness so much better than my other gym. The equipment is new and in abundance and its far less creepy. The other gym was to me, a little sketchy. I loved the indoor track but even that got old. Its the kind of place that I would never have used any of the strength training aparati because it was just uncomfortable in the room. It’s borderline that at Planet fitness but I just go and do what I have to, and move along.  I’m there with my list of things to do and am not paying attention to anything else – except my swamp-ass.

I am very courteous and wipe the machines down immediately after I use them but I have to say, it’s a little embarrassing when I get up and theres a sweaty ass print on the seat. =/  I try and put something on it so no one sees it while I’m grabbing the spray and paper towel. Friggin’ swamp ass. If I didn’t do a warm up on the treadmill, I wouldn’t be so sweaty and leaving ass prints everywhere, but then I wouldn’t be warmed up so I’ll have to keep covering my tracks so to speak. Perhaps I should wear rubber underwear. haha!

I am not sure what to do about the hunger when I get home from the gym.  It’s pretty intense. I want to eat everything. So far, I’ve managed to not blow out my calorie count but whoa. Hunger like a fly covered kid on a paid commercial. Ack.

Then there’s the matter of being jacked up. I get home and I’m wound up tighter than a bulls ass. Today, burned off some energy doing 40 minutes on the wii. Super hula hooping and  a half hour on the stepper. I’m finally chilled out enough to sit still and write something down.

Last but not least…my arms and legs are killing me. It feels good though. Not complaining at all. I made it through the whole routine – even the evil shoulder presses. I’d love to say that I can’t wait for Monday but uh… I’m just not a fan of the gym, but I have to so I’ll suck up my weird social issues and get the friggin’ job done. PFit, thank goodness, is as good as it’ll ever get for me.


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