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Real weight-loss vs. fake weight-loss

People with weight problems know how to lose weight. It might sound strange. If they know how to lose weight then why don’t they? I don’t flippin’ know. Why didn’t I lose weight when I was slowly creeping into the 300′s? I don’t flippin’ know. I didn’t want to? That’s not true. I didn’t want to be fat.

I’ve not yet been able to put my finger on what that ‘thing’ is that makes people suddenly switch into gear. I’ve been gung-ho before with dieting. I’d lost 32 pounds a few years ago with dieting alone. No exercise whatsoever. I ate between 1200 and 1500 calories/day and lost a bunch of weight. It was a lot of work, preparing every meal, counting every calorie.  I expended a ton of energy measuring, counting, substituting, mathing and shopping just to eat breakfast lunch and supper. It cost a friggin’ fortune too. Produce ain’t cheap!

Then, my schedule changed, I got laid off from work, I had a headache, I caught a cold, I (insert excuse here) and just stopped. Just like that. One day, I just said screw it. I gained it all back and at least an extra 25 pounds. What the hell is that shit about? It’s fake weight-loss. I don’t know how else to put it. I was destined to fail. I may have invested time in creating meal plans and learning how to count calories, but I didn’t invest myself in the process.

Then, the same switch was flipped – I suddenly had the desire to give this weight-loss thing a try again but this time I added exercise to the mix. I still followed my same plan as before, same amount of calories but allowed myself to cheat so long as I factored it into my total. Yep…I eat candy on occasion. I reeeeeally dig candy. When I eat it, I grab the info off the nutrition label and factor it into the day’s calories. I exercise almost daily. I’ve invested a whole lotta sweat into this weight-loss mission and I’m not so quick to think about throwing in the towel. All those days of getting up at 5am to go power walking around the beach? I cherish those calories burned. I worked hard for them. It’s real weight loss – and it stays off. (crosses fingers)

I may have failed at permanent weight-loss that first time, but I walked away from it with more knowledge than I had before, and the experience to draw from so it was not a total loss. I learned stuff…stuff that I took with me into my current weight-loss adventure.

It’s not rocket science. Ya just have to burn more calories than you consume.

Well…those are my very unscientific thoughts on that subject. LoL

Moving along…


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