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Shift change

This week I switched shifts. I’d been working the noon to 8 shift for a while and now I’m officially a day shift person. As far as my walking schedule was concerned, I still went out in the wee hours of the morning even though I could have slept in. I’m glad I did that or I’d be in big trouble now.

I have to leave for work by 7:00 so I must get in the walking, breakfast and lunch preparation along with putting myself together very early. I’ve found that if I leave for my walk by 5, than I have time to sit back for a few minutes and have a cup of coffee. This morning, its a cup of coffee and this blog entry. =)

I gotta tell ya, going out this week wasn’t something that I was amped to do. I think it sucks that all the gung-ho is gone. I wake up, get dressed to go walking and stand at the door and try to imagine reasons why I should turn around and go back to bed. They’re never good enough. Once I’m out there I’m fine but it’s the getting out the door part that’s been sucking. I think the colder it gets, the more arguing I’ll be doing with myself.



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