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How to Prevent Throwing up when Exercising: 10 Steps – wikiHow

In the spirit of my last post… here are some tips to prevent hurling on the job. =) Thanks!

How to Prevent Throwing up when Exercising: 10 Steps – wikiHow.

Time to get moving I think.

It’s been a while since posting so I figured I’d toss up something deep and insightful. (riiiight) I gotta say, whatever switch was flipped a year ago that caused me to go all crazy and lose a bunch of weight was shut off. I’m waiting patiently for researchers to come up with a scientific reason [...]

New year…new mission.

So, its been a while since I’ve posted anything meaningful. I’ve been chugging my way through the holidays. I haven’t walked in 2 weeks. Last year I was out there every day…this year its different. There is snow. There wasn’t any last year. Also, I walk much faster, farther and longer than last year so [...]

A little tablet test

A more substantial post will come but for right now, im testing out this WP app on my tablet. Oh how i love thee, little tablet.

To tell or not to tell

I was having a discussion with a friend who is beginning a weightloss journey and the topic of ‘sharing’ information came up. I think that stuff should be kept to yourself. When I started this metamorphosis, there were only a handful of people that knew what I was doing and only one who knew my [...]

Dance walking

Today was a very short walk. I always walk the exact same route; I know, I know… the safety people are cringing but I do it so often that I can just tell if I’ve walked faster by the amount of gasping for air I’m doing at particular locations. I know exactly where mile one, [...]

Back to the grind

Thanksgiving has passed and I walked away with a 5 pound gain, two of which I’ve lost this week. There is almost no remnants of Thanksgiving left in the house. The last of the pie was eaten last night and the turkey carcass was turned into soup. Things will get back to normal around here. [...]

Shift change

This week I switched shifts. I’d been working the noon to 8 shift for a while and now I’m officially a day shift person. As far as my walking schedule was concerned, I still went out in the wee hours of the morning even though I could have slept in. I’m glad I did that [...]

Food tracking / application integration awesomeness

I have mentioned in past posts that for food tracking, I use Spark People. I am still technically a sparker – I track my measurements and weight progress in there. My history is with spark people and until there is a way to migrate information from SP to somewhere else, I reckon spark people owns [...]


It had to come eventually I suppose – freezing temperatures that is. I sort of like the crisp cold air; especially when doing the power walking thing. It was about 26 degrees this morning. It’s really cold at first but then as your body gets crankin’, ya start to warm up. By the time I [...]