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Back to the grind

Thanksgiving has passed and I walked away with a 5 pound gain, two of which I’ve lost this week. There is almost no remnants of Thanksgiving left in the house. The last of the pie was eaten last night and the turkey carcass was turned into soup.  Things will get back to normal around here.  I was glad to get back to work. When it comes to controlling food consumption, it’s much easier for me to handle it at work vs. home. I pack my food for the day and that’s that. Really, by the time I get home I’m so tired that I don’t care about eating.

I was feeling a little bad about the weight gain but had an epiphany which gave me better perspective. I made it to thanksgiving. I tend to start my weight loss missions in January – not for any resolution, but because it’s tax refund time. I would always have the money to buy whatever foods I needed to get cracking. The longest I’d ever made it was to May before unraveling. Its November. I’ve been successfully dieting and exercising for almost a whole year. I’ve lost over 70 pounds and still plan to be down a hundred by my birthday come hell or high water. So, a crummy holiday weekend will not take away from all I’ve accomplished this year. In addition to weightloss, I’ve been smoking an E-Cigarette for ONE YEAR this month. No tobacco at all this year. After thirty years of smoking over a pack a day… that’s huge. Then, toss in my recent college graduation, full time position at work and I would say that 2012 was a pretty big year for Mary Croteau.

So screw you Thanksgiving!

Be Happy

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  • rickc77

    Congrats as you have had an outstanding year…….yes between the weight loss….your college degree…no smoking well you know what I mean…..and you are keeping ron very healthy.

    You just keep doing what you are doing as it is working well for you and your family.


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