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Dance walking

Today was a very short walk. I always walk the exact same route; I know, I know… the safety people are cringing but I do it so often that I can just tell if I’ve walked faster by the amount of gasping for air I’m doing at particular locations. I know exactly where mile one, two and three will be. Today, I tried to mix it up. Instead of doing my usual clockwise loop, I tried going the opposite way. First, I forgot to put on my tracker. That always screws me up. I lose interest fast when I’m not being timed. Then, I picked the wrong music track and it was slower than usual, so when I went to change it, my phone slipped out of my fingerless gloved hands and fell on the ground. The case broke apart, and I had to gather them up before moving alone.

I move on and then notice a quarter of a mile later that I once again, forgot to put on my tracker. I put on some bouncing music and just plain old walked (vs. flailing) to my mile marker. I don’t think I even broke anything resembling a sweat. As I’m jammin’ along to ‘Groove is in the heart’ I have this weird compulsion to dance walk. It’s bad enough that I have become one of the people I used to poke fun at, with all the arm swinging, action packed walking maneuvers but I wonder what kind of rubbernecking would ensue if I started walking, spinning and gettin’ low whilst walking in the morning. I never did give into my compulsion and almost feel bad about it now. I think it’d be so much fun – especially with a group of people. Perhaps I’ll start a Hampton Beach, dance walk movement.

The end. =)

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  • rickc77

    You may be onto a new trend here. You could start your own walking/dance walking club…..I bet there would be many early risers that would join you. Then everyone could go to the coffee shop to begin their day.

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