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To tell or not to tell

I was having a discussion with a friend who is beginning a weightloss journey and the topic of ‘sharing’ information came up. I think that stuff should be kept to yourself. When I started this metamorphosis, there were only a handful of people that knew what I was doing and only one who knew my actual starting weight.

There is something gut wrenching about standing on a scale and seeing a number so high that it feels like…well…the end of the friggin’ world. Why complicate these already complicated feelings by telling people what you’re intentions are? The problem is that the road to hell was paved with good intentions. So that friend that now knows you’re on a weight loss mission is going to be watching you and judging you by the food you eat? “Are you sure you want to eat that?” Or, the ones that require company in their misery – “You’re gonna gain all of that weight back.” I say keep your shit to yourself until you feel completely comfortable dealing with the naysayers and good deed doers.

It’s your business. If you fail…which you might the first time or second time or third time out of the gate, the only person you will have to answer to is yourself.

I use my endomondo app to keep me honest. Before I had that, I used to take pictures and post them on facebook. People saw me posting pictures daily but didn’t realize why – it was my way of being held accountable without the world knowing that I was trying to lose weight.



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