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First day at the gym.

Gyms are weird. I’m so painfully uncomfortable in them. All of my little psychoses kicked in to the point that I almost didn’t go at all. I’ve lost a bunch of weight but I’m far…far from being comfortable in my own skin. I changed clothes at work and headed over. I sat in the car for a minute and figured I’d just treat it like the removal of a well stuck band-aid and just go – I strolled in, swiped my membership card and asked the kid behind the desk to show me where the track was. (I’d toured last night but retained nothing)

The 1/12 mile track floor is rubberized and comfortable to walk on. It’s oval and the flow of traffic moves clockwise. The ends have banks, like the corners on a circle track (auto racing). There were some crowded moments and passing people can be tricky, especially if you’ve caught up with someone at the curve.

I walked from 4:15 till 5:30 – I have no idea how far I walked because the concrete structure made service on my phone cut out. No mileage tracking applications and no music either. I’m gonna have to figure a way to get my phone to work in there. My friend arrived just after 5:30 and we did 20 minutes on the elliptical and bicycles. The machines were in good shape.  I’m exhausted. I over did it and will pay for it. I’m going to try and keep to a Monday-Friday routine at the gym and take the weekends off (or do something different, and not gym related)

Day one is officially over.



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  • Great start! I hit the treadmill for 20 minutes and the bike for 20 minutes and the weights for 20 minutes — I try for 3x week. But I gotta stop going to Friendly’s for milk shakes. sigh. You ARE an inspiration.

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