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New year…new mission.

So, its been a while since I’ve posted anything meaningful. I’ve been chugging my way through the holidays. I haven’t walked in 2 weeks. Last year I was out there every day…this year its different. There is snow. There wasn’t any last year. Also, I walk much faster, farther and longer than last year so all of that, mixed with snow and ice on the ground just screams injury.  Tonight, I joined a gym.  This particular establishment has an indoor track so I can get my walk on. It’s 1/12th of a mile, so I’ll be walking around 36 times or so. I can’t wait. I’m gonna hit it tomorrow after work with 2 friends who also joined. So, this is a new and exciting thing. I can’t wait to get moving and shed the rest of this damn weight. I’ve been maintaining pretty well but there’s still work to be done if I’m gonna hit my 100lb goal by march 12th. I can’t wait to critique my new gym. Stay tuned!

ps…sorry this post seems a little choppy. Im using the tablet. I dont think Im gonna do that again. Sometimes, ya just need a real keyboard.

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