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  • Best Activity: 6.65 mi
  • Best Week: 32.32 mi
  • Last Week: 0 mi
  • This Week: 0 mi
  • Best Month: 103.85 mi
  • Last Month: 0 mi
  • This Month: 0 mi


Week one. Not so horrible.

Week one wasn’t so horrible. I’ve gotten used to the track which alternates direction daily. Pandora works throughout most laps – it’s more stable than anything else on my phone. I decided that since I can’t track mileage cuz there’s crap for signal, I would redo the couch to 5k program, since the interval prompts still work. Then, after that (which lasts a half hour) I go in and use some machines. Soooo…the elliptical. What can I say. With my years worth of almost daily activity, I can only do about 7 minutes on it. I could probably push harder I suppose. I think I just don’t like it.  The stationary bike…I think that’s gonna be my new thing. It suits me.

What’s your favorite gym equipment?

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