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What a pain in the ass.

Literally. My ass is killing me.  I’m up to an hour on the stationary bike. I’ve read that this will pass. I hope so cuz I like it. It burns a shit load of calories. Thoughts on ass pain? Anyone have experience with such matters? Tailbone relief remedies? 

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    Sit on a heating pad, Numero Uno! Or try a hot bath. That should soothe your pain. Also I think your butt muscles will adjust if you start biking regularly. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Invest in a padded bicycle seat. You can bring it with you when you hit the gym. Also recumbant bikes have a full seat which is LOVELY. Otherwise work on standing more when you’re on the bike…you don’t have to do it the whole time but eventually you’ll be able to stand more. I love you! You’re a badass!

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