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Visit to the chiropractor


I went to a new chiropractor. Quite impressive – a husband and wife team.  They were really nice, super informative and very comfortable to be around.

Back pain is something that I’ve just grown accustomed to.  When asked to describe my level of pain on a scale from one to ten, I often pick the lowest because I’m so used to it that it doesn’t register on the pain-o-meter to me. Every so often, like last week, my mid spine area flares up and sends me into the fetal position, crying like a baby. I didn’t walk for 5 days last week on the count of back pain. I couldn’t even lift my arms up. I’m used to this though. Every 4-6 months that level of pain occurs, hangs around for a few days and then dissipates.

I made this appointment a month ago, prior to the major back crisis. I believe in the work of the chiropractor. It all seems logical to me and I think visits to the chiropractor should be as routine as going to the dentist every 6 months. (not that I actually do that either…)

So, first thing we do at the new chiropractors office is get x-rays. These folks didn’t have your regular, run of the mill johnny’s to put on…oh no. They had drawstring shorts and t-shirts! Friggin’ cool. So after the very thorough x-ray session, I was looking at one film over the docs shoulder and saw what appeared to be a horn growing out of my spine.  I said, “Uhhhh doc? What the eff is that?” It was about the size of a candy corn but not as wide at the base. He said, “Oh, that is arthritis!” I was like, “What??” He’s withholding comments until he can spend more time looking at my x-rays so we will discuss the multiple areas of arthritis on my spine, as well as the treatment plan when I return to the office tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct 3rd). I can’t wait to get the scoop on this arthritis business.  A quick google search on osteoarthritis showed that the best medicine for such a thing is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last year. Walking. I need to find out if it’s ok for me to jog – not that I’ll wait for an answer before jogging or anything…

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