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RunKeeper Records

  • Best Activity: 6.65 mi
  • Best Week: 32.32 mi
  • Last Week: 0 mi
  • This Week: 0 mi
  • Best Month: 103.85 mi
  • Last Month: 0 mi
  • This Month: 0 mi



Looks like I have the most common type of arthritis: osteoarthritis. Here’s a picture of the horn growing out of a disk on the right side of my lower spine.

big ole’ horn-o-arthritis

I have some more on my upper back and my tailbone is almost fused with my lowest disk. My neck is [...]

Visit to the chiropractor


I went to a new chiropractor. Quite impressive – a husband and wife team. They were really nice, super informative and very comfortable to be around.

Back pain is something that I’ve just grown accustomed to. When asked to describe my level of pain on a scale from one to ten, I often pick [...]