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Looks like I have the most common type of arthritis: osteoarthritis.  Here’s a picture of the horn growing out of a disk on the right side of my lower spine.

big ole’ horn-o-arthritis

I have some more on my upper back and my tailbone is almost fused with my lowest disk. My neck is straight as a ruler and should be curved like a banana. My pelvic bones are disturbingly uneven…it’s pretty bad when you can just see where things are just not right.  It’ll be a challenge getting me back on track but I have faith in my new chiropractor. He’s amazing. He even unclogged my ear today!

Anyhow, the best medicine for such a disorder is movement so when I asked the doc if it is OK if I continue with my walking/jogging regiment, he said, “You must. If you don’t, you’ll end up in a wheel chair or (he folded himself over like an L shape) you’ll walk around like this.”  So… move I shall. I don’t want either of those scenarios to happen. I have to keep losing weight. It’s very important that I get this extra weight off of me.

He gave me some stretching things to do. It’s necessary for me to strengthen my quads and abs as well as stretching out my lower back and some neck traction. These are things I must do daily…no biggie. I’ll just incorporate these new activities into my morning routine.  I hit up Wal-mart on the way home from work tonight and picked up a balance ball so I can let the fun begin tomorrow morning.

It sure could be a lot worse than this so I’m not complaining.

Funny thing:  My boss said, “Did he take x-rays of your whole body?” I said, “From teeth to tampon.” I wasn’t too embarrassed when the doc put my films in front of the light and I could clearly see my tampon. *blush* lololol




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