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The amazing body

It was my thought that if I didn’t go out and do something exercizey every day that I would end up quitting. I was probably right. I think ya really have to build up momentum and to do that, ya have to commit to the process. When I did the couch to 5 K program the first time, I went out walking in between running days. My knees were screaming bloody murder but I still went out. What a dumb-ass I was. You can tell the difference between sore muscles/joints and when something is really wrong but when you’re stubborn, (like me) you can completely ignore the obvious. My body was screaming for a break and I just wasn’t giving in.

After the 5 days off because of a back pain flare-up, my knees miraculously fixed themselves. Wacky how that happens when you stop torturing them? What an ass. I really could have messed myself up and then what? I probably would have tossed my hands up in the air and said screw it…I’m not exercising.  Eh, lesson learned.

So, now I’m trying the c25k program again and what I’m discovering is that because of all of my pain before, I was never really able to push my body. Why do I know this? Because every time I go out now, I’m making personal bests. I have seen 13 minute miles two days in a row. Ive neverrrrrrr done that before. I just started week 2! I’m psyched. For the next 9 weeks, it’s my plan to ONLY go out three times/week to do this program. I’m not walking in between. I’ll do other stuff at home but my knees shall only be put through the ringer three times a week.

The problem though, is that now I have a handle on my aches and pains, but my lungs are like, “What the hell is happening out there!” They’re stinging pretty bad when I jog – especially the really speedy miles. When I got home today, I was hacking like I was still smoking cigarettes. It’s something to keep an eye on. It could be exercise induced asthma. I think its funny that I have exercise induced anything. LoL I exercise. That in itself is absolutely hysterical.

I’ll have to consult a physician. =)

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