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Music choices for pace

Lets see if this works. I am going to try to share my morning mix with you. I think you have to log into fit radio to hear it.

Anyhow… this mix took me from walking mid 14 minute miles to (depending on my stride) 13 minute miles. From time to time, I like to go through the mixes on and add some new ones to my favorites. Then, from my phone I can pick what I want in the morning. I tend to stick with whatever one makes me go fastest until I get totally sick of the songs.

I absolutely cannot imagine walking without music. Not just any ole’  music; pace setting music. The best thing that happened to me during my weight-loss adventure was my damn smart phone. Since March, my pace has gone from 16-17 minutes to 13 & 14 minutes. I blame it on the Fit Radio app. Back in the old days (before March 2012) I used my mp3 player for music.  That was great and kept me interested but it became a pain in the ass to try and keep any sort of constant pace. The beats just aren’t the same when they’re switching from  (for example) Living After Midnight by Judas Priest, to Dancing Queen by Abba to Poker Face by Lady Gaga…etc…

Seriously… if you’re going to spend any amount of time out there walking…get friggin’ fit radio. You might not know or even like half the songs in the mixes but they are pretty damn consistent in the beats per minute. The above link to my morning mix is over an hour long. I’ve not even heard the last songs on it.

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