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  • Best Week: 32.32 mi
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  • Best Month: 103.85 mi
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Food tracking / application integration awesomeness

I have mentioned in past posts that for food tracking, I use Spark People. I am still technically a sparker – I track my measurements and weight progress in there. My history is with spark people and until there is a way to migrate information from SP to somewhere else, I reckon spark people owns my ass. However, I have begun using My Fitness Pal to track food.

Its just about the same as spark people. The difference is the technology. My fitness pal (MFP), bless their little hearts, has made it so information from other applications can be utilized within MFP. Example: Endomondo is my fitness tracker. It’s also one of the apps compatible with MFP. Soooo, this means that when I go for my morning walk, the information from the Endomondo applications is automatically sent to MFP and my calories are adjusted to fit the calories burned during my morning walk! Friggin’ amazing and exciting if you ask me. It’s a pain in the ass to plug in all of your food as it is, and then to have to manually enter your exercises is just more than I have ever bothered to do. With this Endomondo/MFP integration, it does it for me. Magfrickenificent!

For whatever reason, the Endomondo app totally over estimates my calories burned but I can mentally adjust it in my head. Oh and in addition to my fitness app being connected to my food tracking app, Endomondo is also connected to earndit – each minute of activity is worth points which accrue so you can buy stuff.

Amazing technology. I’m so loving it.



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